About Better Hearing Australia Canberra

Better Hearing Australia (BHA) Canberra has served the hearing impaired in Canberra and the region for more than 20 years. The group’s mission is to improve the capacity of the hearing impaired to manage their hearing loss thereby increasing their quality of life.

BHA Canberra’s objectives
• improve access to social, educational and work activities for those with a hearing loss.
• formal educational programs to manage hearing loss.
• increase community awareness about hearing loss and its causes, particularly in the ACT.
• conduct Hearing Awareness Training, particularly in workplaces.
• offer advice to health system users and health providers.
• offer the community information on the management of hearing loss.
• consult with kindred organisations on matters of mutual interest.
• seek the assistance of hearing loss health professionals.
• other objectives as the Association decides in general meeting will assist in achieving the Mission.


President: Bill Leane
Vice President: vacant
Secretary: Heather Irons
Treasurer: Polly Templeton
Committee members: Jenny Mobbs, Judy Greenfield

Better Hearing Australia Canberra’s Expert Advisory Panel

Dr Louise Skelt BSc, Grad. Dip. Aud, BA (Hons), PhD

Louise has a strong interest in hearing loss and communication. Her PhD thesis looked at nonverbal aspects of interaction between adults with acquired hearing loss and their frequent communication partners. Louise is also a music lover, and is interested in the effects of hearing loss on music perception. She has been active in developing the SCIC Canberra music appreciation group for adult cochlear implant recipients.

Emeritus Professor William (Bill) P R Gibson AM MB BS (London), MD (London), FRCS (England), FRACS

Bill was the inaugural Professor of Otolaryngology at Sydney University. He recently retired as head of the ENT Department at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. He is now involved in the Meniere’s Research Laboratory at the University of Sydney. Surgically he has undertaken cochlear implant surgery on over 2500 ears and redesigned the skin incision. He continues as a director of the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre.

Eric Martin AM BEnv, B Arch (Hons), LFRAIA

Eric is the Principal and Managing Director of Eric Martin and Associates. He has more than 40 years’ experience as a professional architect in the private and public sectors. Eric has developed a national and international reputation for his work in the areas of accessibility and heritage buildings. He is a Life Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects, National President of the Association of Consultants in Access Australia (ACAA) and immediate past President of the National Trust of Australia (ACT).

Anne-Marie Crowe BSC, GradDip Aud, MAudSA (CCP)

Anne-Marie has worked as an audiologist in Canberra since 1991. Anne-Marie has worked with BHA Canberra on a number of their publications and has been involved in workshops, Hearing Awareness Week Expos and BHA Teacher training. She is currently Manager of the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre in Canberra.

Professor David Ryugo BA (Psychology) Yale University, PhD (Psychobiology) University of California, Irvine, CA

David uses neurophysiology and neuroanatomy in his studies of the auditory system. He spent nine years at Harvard Medical School and 23 years at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine before moving to Sydney to join the Garvan Institute. He is especially interested in how deafness and hearing loss alter brain organisation, and in exploring strategies for hearing restoration. David also holds positions at the School of Medical Sciences, UNSW, the Bionic Institute in Melbourne and Johns Hopkins University.


BHA Canberra began as a branch of BHA Sydney in 1993. In December 2012 Better Hearing Australia Canberra was incorporated in the ACT.

Regulatory details

• ABN 62754263674 – in 2012 incorporated in the ACT
• Registered charity with the Australian Charity and Not for Profit Commission
• Tax Free status
• Deductible gift recipient
• Exempt from Duty in ACT
• Financial year runs from 1 January to 31 December

Annual Reports (& audited financial statements pdf)

2017 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report


BHA Canberra Constitution