Captioning in Canberra

Transforming the Theatre Experience

Hearing loss is an isolating condition but the theatre experience can make a difference. The Canberra Theatre Centre partners with the Captioning Studio to provided live captions and Assistive Listening Devices. We are grateful to the Canberra Theatre and Captioning Studio who have made this possible.

Nari Jennings Director of the Captioning Studio

Haydn Daw In 2005 Sue and I and about a dozen others were here in the foyer of the Canberra Theatre and were looking forward to being part of the first live captioned play performed in Australia. It was ‘Weary’ – the story of Sir Edward Dunlop in WW 2. Sue and I have been regular attendees ever since.

Sue Daw Thinking back I remember how the theatre captions changed my life.
I used to love to go to the theatre when I had goodish hearing, but over the years I started to miss the punch lines and was not enjoying the experience and finally did not go to the theatre for over 10 years.
I was in denial, I did not think it was my hearing loss that was stopping me from going to the theatre, it was that I was just too busy to attend.
This not only impacted on me but Haydn as well as he would not go to the theatre by himself leaving me at home.
The captions brought us back to enjoying the theatre again.

In 2005 the first captioned play In Australia was ‘Weary’, the story of Sir Edward Dunlop. Seen here with BHA members including Sue & Haydn Daw and Carol Taloni.
The Canberra Theatre Centre – Playhouse Theatre

The Canberra Theatre Centre provides a range of services for people who are blind as well as hearing impaired. There’s a hearing loop in the foyer, live captioning, FM radio assisted hearing units, audio-described performances, and tactile tours.  Visit their site for details.

Canberra Repertory Society

Theatre 3 has some rows of seats looped. Inquire at the booking office when purchasing your tickets.

Llewellyn Hall

Llewellyn Hall provides FM Radio Assisted Hearing Units to amplify and improve sound quality for hearing aid users. Units are available for all performances. Make sure you request a unit when you book and allow time before to obtain them from the front desk before the performance starts.

Palace Cinema

The soundtrack can be heard in the auditorium through the headphones or neck loop. You can borrow an Assistive Listening Device from the counter when buying your ticket. Check whether the film you are seeing has CC available.

Dendy Cinema

You can borrow an Assistive Listening Device with headphones from the ticket counter when buying your ticket.

Hoyts Belconnen and Woden

Hoyts has a Closed Caption viewing system.  Captiview is a small LED display on a bendable support arm that fits into the theatre seat cup holder.  For more information see their web site. Some Hoyts cinemas have hearing loops .

National Gallery of Australia and other cultural institutions

Conexu Foundation has a free OpenAccess Tours App that is used in some of the National Gallery of Australia’s exhibitions and other cultural institutions around Canberra. The OpenAccess Tours App allows deaf and hearing impaired visitors to enjoy all the stories in Auslan and/or Captions.

Current OpenAccess tours available in Canberra:
  • Hyer Real exhibition, National Gallery of Australia (ACT)
  • Unfinished Business exhibition, Tuggeranong Arts Centre (ACT)

Other exhibitions around Australia where the Conexu app is available are listed at