Hearing loss or hearing impairment is the partial or total inability to hear which can develop immediately or over a period of time. Hearing loss is quite common problem and is due to noise, aging, disease or heredity. People with hearing loss find following conversations very tough and frustrating in different environments. Nonetheless, many do not admit that they have trouble hearing. This is due to societal stigma.

We at Better Hearing Australia, Canberra look at fighting the stigma towards progressive hearing loss which though a distasteful topic within our society is quite a natural outcome like any other medical condition. We look at providing people with progressive hearing loss, answers towards communicating in society irrespective of their hearing loss and providing society with information to stop the stigma which is set within our community thus allowing society to function and work in harmony.

BHA RecReady vest

The perfect present for a timid or determined outdoor walker. Wear your vest over a sports shirt or tee shirt. You will feel safe and be pleasantly surprised at the response from cyclists to your presence with this safety vest...

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Companion Gift pack

The BHA Companion gift pack has a selection of graduated products that address personal identity and safety with a hearing impairment. For those who are uncomfortable with a strong identity as hearing impaired, a wrist band is available to send a discrete message to inform observant others at work or play...

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The BHA sports shirt

Our call to Australian sportsmen with a hearing disability is to celebrate their courage and wear a Better Hearing Australia sports shirt – confident, competitive or fit active and connected and stand up in support of hearing loss acceptance...

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