Hearing Loss – how does it all work?

Kristen Sutcliffe is an Audiologist at Hearing Australia and a Musician with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra. Kristen will have a PowerPoint Presentation. To ensure you can enjoy the Presentation, Polly Templeton is going to caption it as well. Because of COVID restrictions, it is essential that you contact Carol Taloni by phone or email (see below) to book your place. Kristen is going to be discussing Audiograms. She suggests you may like to bring your recent one for comparison.

Event details, see below.

Date:  Friday 19 February 2021
Time:  3pm
Venue:  COTA Building (where BHAC Office is now situated). The Hall, 2 Wisdom Street Hughes, ACT 2605.
Contact: 0410 463 761 (mobile) or email [email protected]

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