Patient Hospital Kit

A trip to the hospital can be difficult, and those of us with hearing loss face special challenges. Our kits let staff know how they can help you. There are tips on what you can do too. Distinctive ‘Hearing Loss’ wrist bands.
Save time explaining that you have an invisible disability.

Often people don’t know how to talk to someone with hearing loss.
These tip cards make it easier.

Tent signs to put on your bedside. Or on  your desk at work!     Fridge magnets to put on anything steel…near your bed or filing cabinet.

In case of emergency…read card. Don’t wait for an emergency to write it down.

Attach a ‘Hearing Loss’ sticker on your medical records.
They won’t know if you don’t say….

Handy guides: how to communicate, troubleshoot your hearing aids and a hospital checklist. Also….stickers to wear on your hospital gown or pyjamas.

The Patient Hospital Kits are available for $A20. (plus $5 postage) If you need more than one kit, please contact us for a quote. Individual components within the kit are also available for purchase.

Order by emailing [email protected]