BHA Companion Gift Pack


The sentiment embodied in a gift pack presented to support hearing loss is far removed from the reality of competitive and recreational exercise. The communication between the giver and receiver is subtle and nuanced to suggest exercise and attention to addressing hearing loss, but with behavioural choice firmly in the hands of the gift recipient.

A ‘confident competitive’ branded sports shirt may encourage physical activity and a resolution to live up to this worthy aspiration.  Likewise, a ‘fit active connected’ sports shirt may encourage a more modest aspiration that is within one’s grasp.

A positive feeling in exercise is likely to foster an interest in a hearing health check and a chat with BHA about a hearing health plan.

If you have a hearing impaired loved one that you would like to prompt or encourage to a more active lifestyle, select the BHA Companion gift pack as your gift to promote activity and support recreational safety.

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Fit Active Connected, Confident, Connected, Hearing Impaired

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